Friday, October 31, 2014

Airsoft H&K G36C AEG Sneak Peek

Airsoft H&K G36C AEG Sneak Peek
Airsoft H&K G36C AEG

This H&K Licensed G36C AEG by KWA is the most popular model airsoft gun in the world. Designed as a short barrel assault rifle, this AEG has many opportunities for individual customization. 

The carbine length barrel is perfect for both close quarter environments and middle distance target acquisition. 

The body and most other parts are a highly durable, high quality fiber reinforced polymer and the rest are metal as necessary. 

The carry handle has been modified so that instead of a 3x magnification scope, there is a full length picatinny rail system so that the optic of your choice can be mounted. 

The stock is a modified side fold for easy entrance and exit from vehicles or for storage in a smaller gun case. 

There are also multiple brackets for optimal mounting of slings, whether you prefer single point, two point, or three point. The rifle comes with an KWA 470 round high capacity magazine. 

The battery compartment is located in the foregrip of the rifle and is accessed by pushing out the front pin located just below the front sight. 

After the pin is removed (being careful not to lose it!) the hand guard can be removed and the battery installed. Simply reverse order and everything goes back together. Airsoft players love this rifle for the number of diverse uses.

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